"Trilogy Education enables you to fulfil your true potential."

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Trilogy Education is the UK`s leading training and development consultancy in offering Call Centre Solutions and Apprenticeships.

We have the expertise to quickly assess your company`s pressure points and identify several possible solutions to meet your own specific targets, needs and financial limitations.


Trilogy will work alongside you and provide recommendations that satisfy your requirements and objectives. Our consultants wealth of experience will ensure that we offer more than just ‘one right answer’ to your businesses problems, increasing the flexibility of our service.

Trilogy offers a completely flexible range of packages for both individuals and teams and we have built our reputation in making the training both exciting, galvanising and relevant for the trainees.

Our Trilogy Management Program (TMP) offers a blended mix of CIPD and Vocational based courses that will build a solid management platform for sustained growth over the following years.


Vision Statement

“Our vision is to provide training, advice and guidance to learners and the wider community and to encourage and support the success of our training programmes. This will be achieved through the provision of a dynamic schedule of delivery that encourage participation and support our learners’ enthusiasm to fulfil their potential.”


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative


“We hired Trilogy Education to deliver training in our organisation and the feedback was very positive. Teams were more motivated and even managers couldn't believe the change. They were professional and had excellent knowledge on the subjects trained. The trainers were inventive and flexible and easily adapted to the fast changing environments. I'd highly recommend them to inject energy into your business!”
J Briscoe  

Human Resource Manager at Square Group

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